Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Whenever I would hear someone talk about my dad when I was growing up, the same words were always used to describe him; quiet, sometimes hilarious, hard-working, patient and generous. Yes, those words do best describe my dad but most people didn't know the half of it. 

I remember the sound of dads work van rolling down the street and backing into the driveway every evening, that's when all of us kids ran down the stairs and to the front door. We would run through the house yelling "daddy's hoommmmmmme!".  As he walked in the door, we would jump all over him because construction isn't a physically demanding job so he needed to get some exercise by picking us up.  Even after a 14 hour day, he would take us for a bike ride to pick apples or build a snow fort in the backyard. Selfless and willing to give up his precious time. 

Life got especially hard when I was about 12 and that's where I saw my parents work long hours and days for our family. Dad and mom did a paper route at 4 in the morning, then mom would go to her office job and dad to construction. Mom would take care of us in the evening while dad loaded Fedex trucks. They would do this day after day, not complaining, just doing what had to be done. Because of our parents example, us kids learned how to take care of each other and help out anyway we could. 

As I got older, my dad and I started having deep conversations, talking about life and Jesus. His famous line would be "Jen, always do hard things." And that's the phrase I've used for most of my life. 

There's almost always an easy way out in life, but it's not always the most rewarding. Work hard because you have a great desire to see God work in your life, do it for Jesus and not for yourself and above all, be humble about it. 

I've never heard dad complain about going to work or being at work. He just does it. He's 57 and still works outside, he's the man. I hope to be as hard of a worker.

Whether your job is being a CEO for a company, McDonalds cashier, mom, farmer or whatever; work hard at it and be the best at what you do. 

Jesus I glorified in your efforts and your humble attitude. 

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